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Americans don’t need more shipping protectionism

The status of American commercial shipping is appalling. Little demand exists outside of a small, captive home market for the products offered by the industry, which is beset by massive fees and inefficiency. Jerry Hendrix, who has observed the sector’s fall, proposes an ambitious plan of government-funded shipyard development and subsidies to bring back the […]

As it resets its logistics network, Amazon is improving delivery operations.

According to logistics experts, Amazon.com Inc. appears to be fine-tuning its distribution strategy as it halts its warehouse development across the U.S., consolidates operations in some regions, and scales back growth ambitions in secondary markets. The e-commerce powerhouse has canceled, closed, and delayed services at every stage of its order fulfillment process when it first […]

Rail Strike Threatens to Slow US Supply-Chain Recovery

For US businesses that depend on railroads to move goods, parts, and completed goods, this week is shaping up to be crucial. To prevent a walkout that would have cost the world’s most important economy more than $2 billion per day, railroads and labor unions worked throughout the weekend. The companies are warning consumers of […]

No slowdown in M&A in the transportation and logistics sectors

No slowdown in M&A in the transportation and logistics sectors

Even if the freight industry has entered the downturn of the cycle, M&A activity in the supply chain is still strong. Transportation businesses now have the chance to use acquisitions to address capacity, personnel, and other supply bottlenecks after several quarters of record earnings and cash flow production. To lessen cyclicality, providers are also continuing […]

Brazilian logistics close the US’s soybean export advantage.

Brazilian logistics close the US's soybean export advantage.

Because of supply-chain bottlenecks and a rising dollar, Brazil is the main competitor for US soybean producers in the world market. Up until 2020, China, the top importer, paid about twice as much to export Brazilian soybeans as opposed to American soybeans.. However, according to data from the US Department of Agriculture, logistical challenges in […]