About Us

Surkhaab Logistics is a family-owned freight brokerage established in 1990.  We specialize in refrigerated and dry van freight hauled by partner companies and owner operators. We serve the contiguous 48 states hauling a variety of products including fish, produce, ice-cream, meat, other foods and general merchandise.

Our Values

Your business matters. It’s more than just moving inventory. Your costs, reputation and success are on the line.

  • Our team understands the importance of getting your products to the market.
  • We aim to understand your business and build lasting relationships with you and your team.


Dedicated Fleet

We partner with companies of all sizes across industries to help protect their brands and build agility into their transportation networks so they can grow their business profitably and with peace of mind.We understand the special equipment needs and handling requirements of difficult rural and farm environments. With our extensive fleet and experienced drivers, our company’s relations can handle any agriculture transportation network:

  • Specialty equipment to transport a range of commodities from volatile fertilizers to fragile eggs in reefers
  • Service-oriented drivers are trained to operate equipment and handle specialized bulk feed deliveries
  • Proven and stringent processes ensure sanitation requirements are met
  • Custom designed and optimized routes get your product to market faster.
  • Efficient capacity utilization lowers operating costs.
  • Regulatory compliance, management, and electronic logs monitoring.


At Surkhaab Logistics, we utilize our relationships with other carriers and our experience to get you competitive rates, without the risk of endangering quality service. We will see your shipment through from start to finish with 24-hr tracking and a member of our team assigned directly to you

Customer Service

Our customers have come to count on us and all our employees to keep their businesses running and growing exponentially. Our employees are passionate about providing excellent service and share a willingness to go the extra mile. We view ourselves as extensions of our customers’ businesses and we treat those same customers the way we want to be treated. Each piece of our operation sets us apart from our competitors.


Each Surkhaab Logistics employee and contractor has the responsibility to make the safety of employees, co-workers, customers and members of the public a top priority. This objective is fundamental to Surkhaab Logistics’ well-being, as well as to the efficient operation of business. It is Company’s goal to attain the highest level of Safety and Compliance through continuing education and training, compliance assistance, cooperative programs and strong leadership.


24/7 Seattle Tracking of your Freight

Booking Loads

Expedite, long haul, and everything in between. We cover all 48 states. No destination is beyond our limits.

Specialty Loads

Mail, expedite, over-dimensional, overweight, hazmat, pad wrap, white glove service, and convention freight. Talk to us about your customized needs.

Track & Trace

Communication from beginning to end. Receive satellite live tracking and email notifications. to see exact location of your freight.



With technology innovations, tight manufacturing timelines, and demand for customization on the rise, the need for effective and rapid delivery of raw materials and finished goods grows. Coupled with increased regulations, the growing driver shortage, and general costs to maintain a fleet, manufacturers are turning to third-party logistics providers for help.
helps manufacturers with complex and time-sensitive transportation of raw materials to ensure timely and effective deliveries while lowering overall costs.

Beverage distribution

Beverage distributors comprise of another big mover of food grade products. We have helped businesses store and transport bottled water, tequila, wine, and many other types of beverages. Our temperature-controlled facility keeps your drinks safe.

Agriculture, Farm and Dairy

The agriculture industry faces unique challenges and an already-complex food supply chain. Growers must balance production. Processors must comply with stringent food handling and security measures and regulations. Shippers must navigate difficult farm and rural operating environments and conditions. Everyone must work together to get food products to market faster.

  • Fluctuating demand and seasonality, real-time shipment monitoring and locating to validate the safety and condition of perishables and tracking and documentation for regulatory compliance all stress the agribusiness ecosystem, the integrated supply chain, and cost of delivery in a margin-constrained industry.
  • We can manage your end-to-end agriculture transportation network so you can focus on increasing yield per acre, reducing your carbon footprint, and growing your business. We provide superior product handling – from field, to farm, to retail – and protect the integrity of your product at every step of the delivery.